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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Auckland Art Gallery - Photo Study October 2016

Went to the Auckland Art Gallery earlier the week and met up with @bgrtworks and talked art and painting rooms using a stylus and iPad. Also the imperfections in great art that make it what it is.
I had taken a few photos on the day and painted my own reference at home on @photoshop and am happy with how my first photo study. This was extremely challenging and very rewarding 4 hour paint with one brush. Going to make sure I get more bouncing light next time I'm there or on a new location. It comes up so cool and oil like and really makes it feel real.#mrleontaylor #art #renaissance #frames #light #photoshop #photostudy#painting #upskill #paint #artgallery #classic #loveart #conceptualart#practice #fourhourstudy #paints #digitalpainting #digitalpaint #photoshop

Below - First 30 min screen shot - basic colour 

70 min mark main details / shapes
2 hour mark fix the perspective 
just over 3 hour mark - Final fun details 
Size for printing / sharing 
4 hour photo study 

DAREDEVIL - photo studies - digital paintings

Photo study number 1 of 3 :
I want this to have a slightly more painty feeling and still keep it in the same realism style. All painting has been completed in the same time frame to see progress. What a great exercise! One brush that I change the size of as I go.
This time after popular demand Frank Castle - Marvel's The Punisher was taken to the next level on Marvel's Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix and a perfect job by Jon Bernthal. I'm so pumped to see his first season as a stand alone show.

First fifteen minutes

90 min stage before the final shape and detail

Close up details and bouncing light

Daredevil - Season 2 was off the hook amazing, camera shots that melt my brain and lighting that is unquestionable and uncompromising. Marvel's Daredevil has changed the game and I could not be happier. #daredevil#daredevilseason2 #fanart #inspired Matt Murdock is a forever changing character and it's fantastic. #art #artist #mrleontaylor #mrleontaylorart#painting #digitalpainting #mattmurdoch #hellskitchen #smashes #badass#upskill #onebrush

90 min stage before the final shape and detail

 2.5 hours close up. Work in progress shot of Daredevil digital painting. Loving an approach I picked up using one brush to speed paint and not add textured brushes

WILSON FISK - Vincent D'Onofrio has taken badass to a new level in theNetflix / Marvel's Daredevil series. Every time he comes on screen he has a presence. Watched two seasons over the last month and it's incredible. I did this photo study today studying light and realism with a renaissance feel. Had a blast and will be doing a few more with this fast approach.#draw #painting #paint #digital #painting #digital #wilsonfisk #daredevil#realism #practise #upskill #vincentdonofrio #badass #smashes#hellskitchen

First fifteen minutes

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Mr Leon Taylor - Portfolio - 2016


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2029 - Church of Skulls


This is a concept and idea I have been working on for a few years and this will be where I will share stories and updates on my development with the personal project. Here is the first image of my idea turned in to a graphic novel style. Below we can see a naked female and she is strong and in control, she fears nothing and nothing will stop her from her mission. The man you can see is a pleb and at the will of the female as are all males in 2029 - Church of Skulls. Why? What is in the females sack? who is in the Cabin? Why is the female naked? Where are we?

Church of Skulls has character motives and story that is messed up with a shocking twist.
This has been a fun project to work on over the years and can not wait to work on the first pages over the next 24 months.

original Pencil Drawing "Female"
Original Pencil Drawing "Background"

Original Pencil Drawing "Background"

Screen Shots of basic colour and lighting (WIP) 

Coatesville Artist makes it big in town - "I saw myself at 50 not doing something I wanted" .

I was fortunate enough to have an interview in the local paper talking Art, Inspiration and all things that motivational. Thanks for the interview! I have attached the link below so you can check it out.

I am really pleased to be in the local paper and their interest in Artists, little goal achieved!


Thanks for checking it out!

Mr Leon Taylor

Painting and Mr Leon Taylor - 2016

Painting in the flesh has always had a really amazing feeling in person and a feeling that no photo or scanner will ever truly come across. It was my goal since December 2015 to pursue the medium and feel comfident using it. I have so far used reference to paint a forest, replicated some of my favourite album covers and even try break some rules to make something exciting and different.
1) A forest in question, what is at the end? Acrylic on stretch canvas.  FOR SALE. Email

2) Hogwarts "Dorm Paintings" Oil and Acrylic on canvas board  FOR SALE. Email

3) Large Mural - THE CIDER SHED - Warkworth - Home of Forbidden Cider Co. Acrylic.

close up on Apple tree half way through

4) Abstract / Textured painting - FAMILY GREEN STONE - 3 Acrylic and oil on paper mashay and pva covered canvas (set of 3) FOR SALE. Email

5) Texas Chainsaw Masacre 2 - Oil Painting on stretch canvas .  FOR SALE. Email

6) PIG DESTROYER - Terriyfier- Album replication Oil Painting on Canvas (SOLD)

7) CONVERGE - JANE DOE - Album cover replication (SOLD)

8) What Frame? This is a upcycled frame I painted this night scene to practise light with limited colours.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Concept Designs for Alien Planets - July Exercises

Making time to upskill in areas I need to is not easy to do. I think I always want to get better no matter what I do / have done, I've always wanted a to be the best I could be. Even when I flipped burgers for 10 years at the golden archers. I wanted to flip the best and wrap the best and serve the best. It's who I am. So when I started doing art again after not drawing more than a few skulls in 15 years and at school only. I took on a challenge. 7 years ago I just wanted to do the best I could and better than yesterday. Now I can Art whatever and whenever I want. Here are 4 paintings I have done in my spare moments in the past two weeks. This is a new record for me and keen to keep this up to get to some #blizzard#weta #nickkeller #whitecloudworlds levels of #kickass in the near future. Just do the best you can at what you do, surprise yourself. 
#art #artist#artwork #artcollective #draw #drawings #sace #alien #aliens#alieninvasion #imaginefx #digitalpainting #gateway #portals #destruction#atmosphere #imaginefx #upskilling #upskills #push #skills

01) The Place that is Unknown - My first exercise I wanted to show scale and distance and have some stars that are believable: 

 02)The Vision of Invasion - Wars may be going on in galaxies we have no idea about between species and life forms we have yet to see. War and Democracy are not friends but they are close allies no matter what side you are on.
Second time with my new brush set up and I am loving it, obviously ha ha. This is Blizzard inspired and because I am still pumped about all the details of the Warcraft universe. #warcraft #warcraftbeginning #blizzard#conceptualart #design #inavsion

03)The Larvich Alien Invasion - Earth is being invaded and nothing can be done to stop Larvich Nation and interplanetary domination. This is what two worlds look like when they are about to collide head on.
Working on some new textures and brushes in preparation for some exciting new projects I have coming up. Sky, Fire, Environment interaction and Space textures. These are brushes I have picked over the last few weeks and starting to use more of Photoshop and it's endless capabilities with fresh new approaches.

04) The Unsettling Turbid Gateways - On the planet Grududor is a gateway/wormhole to other galaxies. But as humans we can never go or see it because the elements are far to harsh for most things within our galaxy. This is the forth addition to my set of conceptual design and artwork. It has been so beneficial doing these exercises to push my skills to the next level digitally.