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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Animation School Year 3 term 0ne - WIP (work in progress)

I am currently at freelance animation school in Auckland New Zealand studying traditional animation in my 3rd year. In other words I am making my show reel. That's the goal. :).

After two years of learning the principles of animation like timing, squash, stretch, balance, line of action. You hold that Richard Williams tight because as you train it only makes more sense. Trust me. It's worth the time to know what and how he does animation. I am also lucky that my school is totally focused on the traditional aspects of what makes animation work and believable even if it is in 3D. I also have awesome tutors with very special qualities and have always given great feedback from my first day.

Even though it is traditional animation it is very digital these days. Using photoshop for concepts and toon boom harmony for animation. The only thing is. ......... I have only used photoshop for 5 months and toon boom harmony for 4 days. This is going to be fun. The best thing is. I learn. With passion want and desire to deliver professional work no matter how long I may have been using it. I am shooting for the 3 pointer. Sometimes the whole in one.

Here is some of my work and design for the project I am working on. We are called THE RUST BUBBLE. Myself, Ally, Luke and Gary. 4 people wanting to make the best they can. If not better. Ally did the original of this. I have modified it to have a more north by north west feel to it. Also are some of the character designs and how the are coming along. We are currently learning toon boom and designing and rigging our characters. This is a work in progress so there will most likely be changes. The story stays the same. Its how we tell it and the people that tell it that may change. I will up date how our progress is. The entire story I will not tell you at this stage. Enjoy.

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  1. All the anime look so nice.I am impressed by your talent.This animation school is has taught you something extra ordinary.Looking forward to see more such animations.