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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Adding colour pencil to my quiver.

I had always admired people who worked with colour pencil. But I had never really known how to use them. I had read books even owned roughly 100 of them. The biggest problem. I was using them wrong. I needed to know, learn in person. It is what best suits me and how I learn.

I sat next to people at school who used them. Jaw dropping in their images and they sprung off the page. I wanted to add this soft realistic appeal they had to my own drawings. Characters, especially people. Just popped off the page at me and anyone who looked at them. I got some great advice from a friend I sat next to and talented artist for half of my second year. Siobhan showed me a way to hold the pencil no one had shown me before. Close. In fact very close. But not comfortable.

The thing is I was using them to colour in. When in actual fact you are actually building your drawing from the inside out. You also have to really stare at the image and see what other colors make up the main colour. For example a White male. Is not a perfect shade of white, he is tanned even just slightly. If you look super close you can see green or most likely subtle hint of purple. Build your drawing from the light to dark starting with basic construction. Then using intense construction for wrinkles, hair, eye lids and drapery. I also always do my pupils last. Cause if my drawing looks at you. Without a pupil. I am doing well and the drawing is living.

Derrick Rose of the Chicago bulls won MVP 2011. He is an amazing player and very humble and a friendly leadership style I look up too. This is my first drawing with colour pencil after great advice. I also applied the same technique but with a 2B.





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