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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Life drawing and me.

It is a tough subject. So tough. But even more challenging. It's something I think I am slowly getting the hang of. When I first sat down just over 2 years ago. I realized how many angles , females, ethnicities and different size people I HAD NOT drawn before. This made me worried about my future as an artist in general. I felt low. Like I had made a bad decision to be an adult student. Looking around at other peoples work and they are amazing. I didn't even know how they did it. But knew I wanted to be able to draw the human figure just like the classical paintings of the day. Determination is what is in me. It keeps me optimistic and super positive and focused on my goal. Which is draw and draw well. I understand I am only just getting used to life drawing. I can see improvement. It motivates me. As an artist it is important to hold on to that as some days will be tougher than others. These are ones from 1-19/03/12

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