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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Perspective and having a passion for detail.

Perspective I love detail. Or do I?

The longer I study character animation the less detailed backgrounds I seem to be drawing. I was now drawing people more from more angles doing even more crazier things within minutes or an afternoon it can be so inspiring. Only to do a believable background takes more patience than most have, I later found out. So I looked at the way I draw had progressed. From very heavy lines, dark pencil and way to many lines. To confident measured researched patient line work. But in some cases I feel a charm of how I used to draw and can probably never do that again.

The "Zen" of drawing is hard to master I still am but think I know how to focus or stay on track for me as a artist and animator in training. Even when you are juggling life as it happens. You work at it each day. Finding inspiration, finding balance of your body and what it needs. Like water not coffee sometimes. So often I feel I am Cataloguing a life and many around me in so many mediums, styles and textures that when I look at the picture I am there. You are there. Every time you look at it. I can then use the catalogue and other reference to build worlds that do  not exist. I  know there is so much to learn still. But knowing I am learning every second of my day. Its apart of the "zen" I was talking about. Never stop searching for more because fear of the brick wall means you sometimes draw them ; .

 I spent my second year of animation with one of my talented and skilled tutors Luis Lamco. His backgrounds are INSANE . Worlds you can only look at for so long because they blow your mind. I wish he had a blog. I wanted to draw that good and believable. no matter what the realm. These are in chronological order to see the progression I hope you enjoy it.  I sure do. 2009-2011

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