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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Reference is important to me.

When I was young I had this idea that all artist just came up with ideas from their head. I was later to find that this was far from the truth. This idea had held me back. I had always been self taught until 2010. The biggest lesson. Not only is reference everything but it is crucial to inspiration and making things "look right". What ever it may be I aim to become the expert. It is important.
Using reference is one thing. Copying directly is not cool I only see this as lazy. Unless of course this is what the commission or piece is like fan art (which I love). But still be mindful the Internet is a small place among artist. Especially the animation community.
How to use reference then? I take photos and share them on twitter, instagram, tumblr and  facebook. Here are some I have gathered this year. It is helping show how my mind works and has a large library of categorised sky textures and backgrounds . That I can now digitally capture as well and group into my favourites .Just double click to check out the larger image. Feel free to use my reference too. I love to share my work.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Character concept - Dr Varulv Hund

I love animals a lot.
I am also enjoy thrillers and horror films.
I do find it really hard to watch animals been mistreated. I had always want to see these owners that mistreat there pets to suffer and tortured the same. Its only horrible if its human. When in reality I think a lot of  its all the same pain. Do you think a young elephant feels no pain watching there mother be murdered? That's watching your mum die. Many humans believe they have no "feelings"  like this or sad, fearful, happy, joyful, scared or even a thought process outside there natural instinct. I know these seem like hard truths. But its only a small snip of reality that write and much of it is at our door steps. Even across the world. Bears are chained and made to dance, Dogs are bred to fight each other, cockfights happen with razor blades. This actually happens, is happening.

 I came up with this concept loosely based on a werewolf like dog that avengers the deaths of murdered and tortured pets. He skins and wears the flesh of the tortures. Some will be caged faceless and naked with many more and tortured forever. Others will have a chance. But scarred forever they will be. This is all work in progress (WIP) but the idea is very straight forward.

Its the time period I am thinking of most at the moment and where and when most interests me.

Logline : "They think I am dangerous.. I know I am." - Dr Varulv Hund