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Friday, 8 June 2012

Capturing it, constantly. Being passionate and creative.

Miss Melicious as she is well known for is a friend of ours. She is also someone I look up. Not only did she believe in it, but she is incredible at it. Cupcakes. She made them cool.  or her facebook She and her family are just radical. So I had done a sketch. While she helped my lovely wife to be Kate plan our wedding, I had drawn a sketch for her.3 girls I had breifly met. I like to try capture their feeling. Sense of adventure or shy but content. I then quickly scanned it then did some quick photo shop. This is some fun for a friend. Cause I love seeing there faces. It means everything to me. Making happiness. Capturing it, constantly.

Here is one I did for my niece when she came over for dinner.

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