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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

DEMO REEL 2012 - Mr Leon Taylor

Married the girl of my dreams. Always supporting my dreams.

I got married to my amazing girl on the 13th July 2012.

The day was perfect. People travelled from far to come to our humble yet semi formal wedding. The amazing combinaion of 120 close family and friends was amazing/

This was one reason posts dropped off. I had to work to make extra cash and the work load at school only increased. This was great. It showed me the level I want and need to be at.

Here is a picture with me and my wife.

These photos I had taken myself on the day. Enjoy.


Animation school year 3 term 3-4 2012

Peabody-Hot off the press. Student film. Only requirement under be under 2 minutes.

or below is the youtube link to my account.

This is a short film myself and 3 class mates made at the animation college of New Zealand. Through this process, I didn't know how much this would only make me even more passionate about animation. This was animated in 12 days. But the entire process was 18 weeks. As a class we had informative lectures from Justin Brown a great New Zealand author which gave us great ideas on how to shape the story.

Then a skype lecture with character designer Nate Wragg. I had found something I did not know I had in me. Character design. I had done this on 90% of my character designs this year?! I already had a passion for drawing backgrounds detailed and simplistic but exciting. So it all got very exciting . quick.

Motivational chats from the 3 man power unit which is Mukpuddy. I still am amazed at what they do with flash animation. Also students who currently have jobs in the industry letting us know what they do and the jobs are really there. But nothing short of a lot of hard work.

This year has been one very eye opening at the same time solidifying. It is in my overwhelming creative passion but mainly my passion for animation. So much so, at the end of 3 years of classical animation. I need more and want to apply the principles to MAYA. Toon boom Harmony was a large learning curve this year but with real practical use and creating your own movie.  Its how I work and make sense of a lot of things with a hands on approach. I learn best in person. Seeing how I can then apply these principles and learning toon boom harmony I could then learn MAYA.