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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Twelve horns - Four seasons - One Moon

This started as a vision of explaining seasons through out the year and years lived. I was originally going to make it one character holding a large falcon.But once I had started to research my animal anatomy, then attempted to draw what I had planned. But, it didn't work out. I was clouded, with a stronger vision of what I wanted from the drawing. The current drawing, It didn't explain how I feel towards these seasons. Nor did it explain the organic feel I was going for.

I'm gonna need a bigger bit of paper.

Four Seasons : This is to illustrate the times of year. Living on this amazing earth we all experience winter at other times of year. So I did not want to bunch them in to months that not everyone can relate too.

12 horns : The 12 horns you might think stand for the number of months. In a way it does. But It stems back to the quality of life I feel we get from these times of year. In summer times, we have more daylight to achieve our goals and with the sun can have extra energy.

One moon: We live with one moon. This fascinates me. It is all apart of this world we live in. The planet still spins regardless of how we react to it.

Explanations of the piece of art.

FARM GOAT / SUMMER: Farm goats are sturdy animals and relentless with the job. The goat has four horns to illustrate quality of life and amount of life enjoyed.

WOLF / AUTUMN: The wolf is a ravenous animal. I used it to illustrate how we gather supplies for the winter looking for what's best in the coming months.

BEAR / WINTER: The bear in a caring yet protective animal. We sometimes lock down over winter, we don't spend as much time with people as we would like. But spending time with those closest to you can really make you feel great as you look forward to spring

MOUNTAIN GOAT / SPRING: The mountain goat has a balance we can all admire. No fear of the steepness and I feel the illustrate how hard work over the colder months pays off. The goat also has four horns to illustrate quality of life and amount of life enjoyed. But is in a different shape to show how life can be a little tough too.

I was very pleased with the end result.

I hope you enjoy.


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