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Thursday, 25 April 2013

I Love music since my inception into the world 09/09/1980.

I Love music. I always have..

Ever since my first burgundy walkman with bright orange headphones. My first tape was Bon Jovi - Slippery when wet. My second tape was Michael Jackson - Bad . It was pretty big at the time and now everyone pretty much chooses "living on a prey" and "I'm bad" at Karaoke.

I have always been in to music, many genres. I can never get enough. Not saying I dont enjoy quiet nights. but I love adding a soundtrack to my life. I always submerge when I listen to music. I thrash a band sometimes for a month, I just can't stop listening. Other times I listen to an album and semi enjoy/disregard. But a year later revisit the same album and fall in love. Then there's the revisit an album you were obsessed with a decade or two later and still is radical.

I had always wanted to write music. I some times had a play on my Mums guitar, I used to enjoy playing "stand by me" , "smoke on the water" and "walk". All classic, first timer riffs. I didn't have the best co-ordination when it came to playing instruments. I was into sports like soccer, cricket , basketball rugby and rugby league. I enjoyed drawing and drama games too. But I never just picked up an instrument. They were very expensive in the mid 80s to mid 90s. Even entry level models of guitars were $400.

My Dad played guitar, but he mainly played in a covers band. Which was super cool. But I wanted to write the songs. I always saw it as a shame that my dad didn't have time to teach me. But it shows me that it was going to come out of me know matter what. I was always going to share music with my friends and family. But by the time I was writing music. The Internet was alive and kicking. Check out my many different styles of music here:

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