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Monday, 22 July 2013

I promised myself a day off.

I promised myself a day off.

Then I wanted to draw myself as a viking.


Happy with the result regardless.

Demonic Zombie back breaker - Scariest pose

I am a massive Horror fan. But in learning animation there is not to many jobs in the macabre. So for the past few years I have focused on drama, thriller and children shows. Currently working with one of my favourite New Zealand death/ thrash metal bands

Horror is actual one of the hardiest genres to do, but I was unaware of this.

I wanted to do a very difficult demonic , spider walk style pose. Something I had not drawn before.

I wanted to do a quick(ish) study ( 7 hours ). This was something I had wanted to draw for about three months. Final I had problem solved it my head. I love Jacen Burrows and his work. His line style and characters are just rad and very scary.

Here is the end result.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Me and Maya, my new best friend. A visual diary.

I have started the year learning MAYA autodesk. Its been a steep learning curve to get used to navigating around the programme and apply those 2D skills. I always knew it would take me a few months to get my head around it. Extremely glad I am learning it in an institute,  I learn well in a team environment and speaking things out loud.

This is a visual diary to record my own progress, that's what I love about blogging the most. Looking back through the pages of work you have created. This is not a show reel of my best work. This is my learning process.