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Monday, 18 November 2013

ACNZ group project "STARFISH" - Term 4 week six part 1 of 1

                                                            ANIMATION TIME!

This is the rough layout a scene Sc02- Shot02.

In this screen shot on the right is the camera shot that has been locked in place to it does not change. In the layout process the timing has been decided and locked as well to prevent people from adjusting it. But ultimately save time.

Below are screen shots of a few of the key frames of Tierone approaching his sister who is building a sand castle.


Now that the main keys of my first scene are complete. I have started applying and furthering traditional techniques in CGI animation.

Here we have some screen shots with render view to have a rough idea what the scenes will look like previous to post production. Lighting and after effects. I am super proud of what we have managed to achieve in such a small time. Even with all our varied skill levels.

We have a great deal of commitment in our group and focusing what we are best at. Just like a real production, which makes it even more exciting. I found learning in a group situation ideal for how I learn and I have learned.

The CGI process is very clear to me now and I can understand what is involved. Which was important for me to understand this year. What a year.

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