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Monday, 25 November 2013

ACNZ group project "STARFISH" - Term 4 week Seven Part 1 of 2


PLAYBLASTS : We have been playblasting our scenes all of last week and making the tweaks up until today (TUESDAY 26/11/13). We have organised a "rush sessions" everyday to make sure, not only that we are animating well. But that all the animation is the same in style using "slow-in , slow-out" principals. A "rush session" is when we gather all the scenes and compile them together. This helps make sure "hook-ups" are reading well and the general positions of the characters from scene to scene.

TWEAKING : Animating is hard. So knowning where to tweak is even harder. I really feel great about animating. My foundation is strong and traditional. So I have been helping tweaking scenes to make sure my class mates know why we are adding or style of animation "slow-in, slow-out".

LIGHTING : Lighting each scene is curtail for the overall story. Lighting is a huge story telling part. Jamie and I are working on this scene by scene and doing test renders to make sure none are over exposed or hard to read a pose of a character.

Below is a test render with full lighting. This is a guide to all of our scenes.

We are now finishing lighting before moving on to rendering all the scenes.

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