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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mr Leon Taylor Facebook "LIKE" competition - WINNER.

Mr Leon Taylor Facebook "LIKE" competition - WINNER.

Amanda was the actual winner of my first ever Facebook comp. I wanted to reach 250 likes! I got there in record time. I am very humbled by this experience so far and only received very positive feedback. I am now over 300!

About the creation process.

Where I started? finding out what Shaneel likes. He likes metal, loves his family and is an all around hard working dude. So I wanted the perfect pose. Yes it is a neutral pose but it is still important. This is the process side by side my rough line work / construction then a cleaned up with version to be scanned in to Photoshop.

The happiness from people seeing themselves as a cartoon character is exciting and fun. I wish I had more time to do this for all my friends. But am super tied down to some commitments (all drawing based). CAN NOT WAIT TO SHARE all of the current work I am doing.

With the final version I put one of Slayers most popular albums as the background. Just because I can.

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