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Monday, 2 December 2013

ACNZ group project "STARFISH" - Term 4 week eight Part 1 of 1

FINAL WEEK. The film was rendered out over the weekend. We compiled the film in after effects and found the timing was working. We were feeling confident.

We spent all of Monday making sure all the renders had all the assets. We only had to re-render one small scene not effecting the production flow at all.

I went to my friend who is a sound engineer later that night to write the score. We completed it by midnight on Monday night. To have it ready for Tuesday deadline.

I am very happy and pleased with the final submission. We also put a "making of" so we could see all our hardwork and illustrate the work that was involved for our short film.

This has been a wild ride for our small group of people applying our animation skills. Some for only the 3rd - 4th time. So they have all been a pleasure to work with. all have taken my critiques and done a better job.

Please take the time to enjoy our short film. It is for everyone to enjoy, of all ages.



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