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Monday, 2 December 2013

On the wings of lead - The Max Power story

A short film by my talented wife wrote, shot an edited. OTK (one take Kate). Is extremely bright individual and someone I spend a lot of time with. We are often bouncing ideas and making them a solid ideas. Not just a pipe dream. We think of everything from TV show ideas through to theme tunes to shows that don't exist. Or just a theme for feeding the cats. It is fun and keeps the brain active and mostly creative. She is a very talented writer with brains to match. She is a stunner of a lady and so proud to call her my wife. I feel lucky to be spending m life with her.

You can read her blogs here (this is an interview with WWE wrestler Batista :

 I was also lucky to star in my first roll on Camera.

This was a great experience for myself. I spent an entire day racing around being Max Power. It was hard. The funny thing is. I have changed so much since this was shot in 2010. Its now 2013 (dec). I am a very different man. Through choices I have made to better myself. Through these choices I have become more and more like Max Power. a pencil enthusiast.

Max Power.

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