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Friday, 17 January 2014

I gain influence from many places as an artist. I love Basketball.

I do all drawings with a very similar process. Rough out the construction with blue pencil then the lines I prefer I use a 2B pencil. From there I use the blue pencil on a separate piece of paper then use artline ink pens to colour the lines I want to use. The blue lines do not show up when you scan greyscale making it super handy.

This is the Chicago Bulls logo. Growing up I watched Micheal Jordan do things no one had ever really done before. I followed them through the 6 championships. It made me believe anything was possible. No one player has touched his legacy. It's very likely we may never see a player like that again. But I am a Lebron fan. So here's hoping.

I still follow the bulls and like their tough spirit.

Also the reason behind the Raiders logo.

Pencils are a huge part of history. I am keeping traditional alive with digital pop.

Frederick Leverets - Time travelling cyber bunny. 2 hour practice.

Making Frederick Leverets was a quick exercise to make a time travelling cyber bunny.

This bunny has seen some stuff man. He has saved some lives , seen some lost and even some come back to life. He has many stories of travelling the galaxy and timelines of many. He is Frederick Leverets.

Rough out bunny using reference.
Add cool bits to make in cyber.
Add detail
Clean it up
Finished result.

Wedding Photography for Pippa and Sudah - 12.12.13 & 14.12.13

In August 2013 Sudah contacted me on A social network of Facebook.

Sudah had said he liked my photography from my facebook and instagram catching moments at mutual friends weddings and just every day to day life. Pippa and himself loved my style of photo and capturing the moment. I take this back to my passion of capturing the bliss of life in photos. Add my background in animation and I know about the motion of life helping me to know when to press the button.

I was very humbled by his request...

But I was heading in to my last months of school, after 4 years of intense study. 
I was unsure if I could give it my full attention. As I often give over to what I am creating. I find it gives me a favoured result.  I had also had a wedding and know that taking wedding photos aren't easy. So I declined his offer.

This was then accompanied by a "To bad, I like your photos. Tell me your daily rate and get back to me". 
I then gave him a list of well priced friends who do a similar style and are actual wedding photographers humbly declining again.

Sudah did not accept this. Receiving a more similar and firm reply. I then put a quote together for the two days of photography. Sudah instantly accepted. I met up with the excited couple in October. They could not wait.

I took about 700 photos across both days capturing their love and family. Both traditions so strong. I adored being their. Being myself, capturing wat I felt important. Enjoy my pictures. I have selected my favourites from both days.

 I know Sudah from recording a band I played in called NEVER REPENT. We played metal, intense melodic death grind. He is an amazing sound engineer.

Hindi wedding : 12-12-13

The White wedding 14-12-13