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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I had this great idea of where extreme sports should go to next.

Tank + Bulldozer + racing = HIGH SPEED EXTREME JUMPING TANKS. I know I am showing my age. But I grew up on dukes of hazards and knight rider. These all involved using the vechile to save the day. I always thought as a young lad "how cool!". Now I don't totally feel like that now, but thought it was a cool idea to give them an identity. Through pop culture.
I have trained in animation for 4 years Feb 2010-Dec 2013 and 3 years was traditionally, making turn around model sheets apart of everyday life. Something I really enjoy doing is all pre-production processes. Not just for bringing out my best ideas. Bringing out the groups ideas. A small idea can turn in to something amazing. If you let it breath for a moment.

Here is my progression through the colour process.

1) First I like to get the general colour , doing the picture in my head first. To see if my idea looks like I imagine it. phew! it does. It usually does if you have taken the time to research. Research is so kickass. It can make anything become more authentic. 

2) Then I like to add a second tone to make it feel more three dimensional. Once I am happy with the hue and colour I move on to details LARGE. The overall feel.

3) Work on detail on the tracks. I wanted them to made out of a material that doesn't exist yet. Silicon tungsten .This makes them like a rubber but extremely durable /  unbreakable. The body would rust completely before this would show signs of decay.
Thinking about light source for the next step. To make it feel like it is the same vehicle.

4) Time to add overall wear and tear with some general shading. Getting more three dimensional shape. These are flat drawings that need to feel like it is jumping off the page 3D.

5) Add more varied shading across all three of the models. Add shadow underneath to give it some serious depth.

6) Shade and colour all minor details adding more wear and tear on specific parts/ well worn.
More shading in small areas. The engine needs to feel hot. Add engine and tracks shading.
Look at making the background a little lighter.

7) Add patches and labels to make it resemble "The Dukes of Hazards- General Lee"

8) Then add some specialized, personally made backgrounds and title. Some cool conceptual ideas can come to life.

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