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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Puppet Sorcerer - THE DEADFLESH CULT - Speed paint

I really wanted to make a super group of characters with the idea behind it taking Japanese style prints of actors. My love for things that tend to rot and a new way of attacking the digital painting side of things. I use a technique I adopted from learning 3D animation and "texturing" my concept. This makes the skin appear more legitimate and overall. More rotten. Here is my first character and mastermind of attack THE PUPPET SORCERER.

1) Main texture 

2) Decide on a colour palate 

3) Basic colour added texture and minor light source / shadow
4) Match colours to suit using hue and saturation
5) Work on minor details
6) Add more shadows and detail to add depth.
7) Slight adjustments with the colour / hue.

3 versions of the same piece. In card, Facebook quality and instagram quality.

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