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Monday, 4 May 2015


 The power of true cinema made by masterminds. These colours and shape will mean something to you. It is a powerful place and can influence the mind for good and bad. Never underestimate the power of your own brain, it is truly amazing.






Mr Leon Taylor

Otentacle Supreme - 2015 - Mr Leon Taylor - 30 second TIMELAPSE VIDEO

Mr Leon Taylor

Otentacle Supreme - 
What does it mean to you? Colour will makes this very intense. So it is always rad to hear your thoughts before. This is the scanned in drawing from my time-lapse video I made and then later coloured in photoshop.Timelapse VIDEO - Pencil rules everything around me.

BASIC COLOUR - before the textures are applied.



BLOODFVKK - RECKLESS VOILENCE - 2015 - EP cover art- Warning violent image

Reckless Grind from Auckland, New Zealand! Spawned to spew forth Uncontrolled Ultra Violent Noise!
MEMEBERS: Scourge Grindfvkker: Vokills | Black Fvkk: Rippage | Fvkk Kvnt: Rumble | Beast Fvkk: Destruction

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Bandcamp - ten tracks for only $5 :

TSHIRT LAYOUT - on white and grey


Doughnut Vader - Lord of the doughnutside

In the theme of me turning everything doughnut. I present DOUGHNUT VADER

Yes, I am hungry now too.


The Word of God is Powerful - 2015 - WARNING BRUTAL IMAGE

This may appear to be just a Zombie. But is actually a man gone mad from the word of God. So much so he ripped his own jaw off to try and stop his ramblings. But all it did was just turn him in to a bleeding gargling mess. The word of God is more powerful than even God could have truly known.

1) photos of the pencil line-work.

2) Screen shot of the bleeding wounds

3) Final result - PNG 

The Twisted Holy slate pit: Creation process - Visual Diary -7 major steps

Mr Leon Taylor

The Twisted Holy slate pit:

Concept art/ Game art/ Album artwork : I wanted to challenge myself doing more underworld painting. All are based on a number of thumbnails I drew one morning that I had to get out of my head. The most exciting part is texturing them. Thumbnails are quick and help get the light source sorted. I tried to stick to a more simple colour palette compared to ' Eternal rotting root of Doom '. But making it feel more Alien, but just as organic

1) Thumbnail - and made in layers to know what layer I am texturing BG, FG MG.

2) I then start cutting out the pieces I need from my thumbnail sketch and throw some coulor and texture with photoshop brushes. Then rough out the root that will climb the slate.

3) Worked on the lightsource more, fine details, added some textures.

4) Add the area I have imagined the lightsource has come from above. like a sharp beam of light. 

5) I work to make the light source to feel animated and then add a few layers to make the light source closer to the shot. I add natural pillars, that were roughed out with the textures.

6) Add more roof and general room bounce light. adding a few mist layers playing with contrasts and opacity.

7) The finished result. 


Mr Leon Taylor
The pencil design work before I coloured, The suit has been designed from scratch to be 100% functional and realistic. I was stoked with how the pencil linework scanned as was ready to make a real world. I had come up with the idea after listening to the title track for MENDELS - Oblivion. A brutal 63 minutes of instrumental metal. It is just excellent. 


You can buy the album from here:

I throw down some textures using some of my favourite textured brushes. There is hundreds for free all over the internet. 

This helped be get down a quick overall feel of the place and texture layout.

I work on the direction of the light and how it will effect the scene.

I then start working on clouds and lightsource. constantly refining.

I then add the boiling hot liquid to the picture. In space blue is the hottest colour. 

I then start working on the deep space in the background and planets

I then start looking at the lightsource and other elements like mist, glows, shades and intense lightsource details. I also add the space person that I coloured in a separate document. I add small lightsouce to him and fit him it to the layered mist. Unfortunately I did not keep a jpeg record of this process. But will do in future projects.

THIS IS THE FINAL PNG below for MENDEL - OBLIVION debut full length Album

Thank you for checking out my visual diary of how I do things.

Mr Leon Taylor

10 Major steps (visual diary) - THE ROTTING ROOT OF DOOM - 2014 - Background concept art:

Mr Leon Taylor

Here is a visual diary of how I completed this concept art, This is something I am very passionate about and really enjoy doing. Intense background art that can feel alive. This is a series of exercises with backgrounds I have set myself. The first challenge is to complete a series of underground places that have presence.

THE ROTTING ROOT OF DOOM - 201 : Concept art/ Album artwork : Based in a place that has never seen the sun, until just at this moment. It is completely organic and has evolved for millions of years. This is a place not known to the human eye and we could not stand the atmosphere, even with protective suits.

I then start cutting out the pieces I need from my thumbnail sketch 

Shape the spike and added some textures.

 Worked on the lightsource more, fine details

Add the area I have imagined the lightsource has come from and add the mist green in the far background.

I work to make the light source to feel animated and then add a few layers to make the light source closer to the shot.

The spike has been encased for million of years and has an ooze and light source too. I add those basic directions.

Start working on textures around the edges with details. I do this with textured brushes. I have a select dozen I use and have ready to go. I highly recommend this to save time picking them all the time.

Now to add some animated feeling with rocks falling from the roof, where something is entering. This part I love making the bubble bounce around and feel super action packed

I zoom out a little the blackness can make the area feel larger and more intense

Final image and PNG, I learned so much through the process of doing this. It is a subject I really enjoy doing.

Thanks for checking out my visual diary of creation.

Mr Leon Taylor

Merry Grinchmas 2014 - LIMITED RELEASE CARDS

OCTOBER 2014- December 2014 Made a limited run of cards


THE DOUGHNUT SATANS - The gang for people who love metal and doughnuts.

Sticking to my doughnut theme I imagined a funny metal gang THE DOUGHNUT SATANS.

As it made me giggle every time I said it, So only thought it was time to make it happen

Pencilled out the 3 hand shapes I planned to use.

Scanned in the pencil line-work and made it in to the pentagram shape, which is usually pretty intimidating but this time around. Maybe a little more sprinkle. 

I then added the colour of icing and doughnut with a simple lightsouce for depth then add the awesome sprinkles. Because life needs sprinkles.