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Monday, 4 May 2015


Mr Leon Taylor
The pencil design work before I coloured, The suit has been designed from scratch to be 100% functional and realistic. I was stoked with how the pencil linework scanned as was ready to make a real world. I had come up with the idea after listening to the title track for MENDELS - Oblivion. A brutal 63 minutes of instrumental metal. It is just excellent. 


You can buy the album from here:

I throw down some textures using some of my favourite textured brushes. There is hundreds for free all over the internet. 

This helped be get down a quick overall feel of the place and texture layout.

I work on the direction of the light and how it will effect the scene.

I then start working on clouds and lightsource. constantly refining.

I then add the boiling hot liquid to the picture. In space blue is the hottest colour. 

I then start working on the deep space in the background and planets

I then start looking at the lightsource and other elements like mist, glows, shades and intense lightsource details. I also add the space person that I coloured in a separate document. I add small lightsouce to him and fit him it to the layered mist. Unfortunately I did not keep a jpeg record of this process. But will do in future projects.

THIS IS THE FINAL PNG below for MENDEL - OBLIVION debut full length Album

Thank you for checking out my visual diary of how I do things.

Mr Leon Taylor

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