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Monday, 4 May 2015

10 Major steps (visual diary) - THE ROTTING ROOT OF DOOM - 2014 - Background concept art:

Mr Leon Taylor

Here is a visual diary of how I completed this concept art, This is something I am very passionate about and really enjoy doing. Intense background art that can feel alive. This is a series of exercises with backgrounds I have set myself. The first challenge is to complete a series of underground places that have presence.

THE ROTTING ROOT OF DOOM - 201 : Concept art/ Album artwork : Based in a place that has never seen the sun, until just at this moment. It is completely organic and has evolved for millions of years. This is a place not known to the human eye and we could not stand the atmosphere, even with protective suits.

I then start cutting out the pieces I need from my thumbnail sketch 

Shape the spike and added some textures.

 Worked on the lightsource more, fine details

Add the area I have imagined the lightsource has come from and add the mist green in the far background.

I work to make the light source to feel animated and then add a few layers to make the light source closer to the shot.

The spike has been encased for million of years and has an ooze and light source too. I add those basic directions.

Start working on textures around the edges with details. I do this with textured brushes. I have a select dozen I use and have ready to go. I highly recommend this to save time picking them all the time.

Now to add some animated feeling with rocks falling from the roof, where something is entering. This part I love making the bubble bounce around and feel super action packed

I zoom out a little the blackness can make the area feel larger and more intense

Final image and PNG, I learned so much through the process of doing this. It is a subject I really enjoy doing.

Thanks for checking out my visual diary of creation.

Mr Leon Taylor

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