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Monday, 4 May 2015

The Twisted Holy slate pit: Creation process - Visual Diary -7 major steps

Mr Leon Taylor

The Twisted Holy slate pit:

Concept art/ Game art/ Album artwork : I wanted to challenge myself doing more underworld painting. All are based on a number of thumbnails I drew one morning that I had to get out of my head. The most exciting part is texturing them. Thumbnails are quick and help get the light source sorted. I tried to stick to a more simple colour palette compared to ' Eternal rotting root of Doom '. But making it feel more Alien, but just as organic

1) Thumbnail - and made in layers to know what layer I am texturing BG, FG MG.

2) I then start cutting out the pieces I need from my thumbnail sketch and throw some coulor and texture with photoshop brushes. Then rough out the root that will climb the slate.

3) Worked on the lightsource more, fine details, added some textures.

4) Add the area I have imagined the lightsource has come from above. like a sharp beam of light. 

5) I work to make the light source to feel animated and then add a few layers to make the light source closer to the shot. I add natural pillars, that were roughed out with the textures.

6) Add more roof and general room bounce light. adding a few mist layers playing with contrasts and opacity.

7) The finished result. 

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