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Thursday, 19 May 2016


By Mr Leon Taylor - 18/05/16


My idea of a Witch is terrifying and there is NO pointy hats or broomsticks. They are powerful and willing to sacrifice anything for the cause. Even the moments in rituals and spells when there is herniated body parts and disease rids their body. Nothing will stop the 
Work in Progress : Witch Ritual - In the name Ov.

It was an Photoshop exercise for me to be able to use a colour palate I was not used to but have adored for a long time. The Dark, realism of Carravagio I have been studying for a while now and was excited to apply it to something. I want to move away from using my linework so much and aim to make things feel more real. 
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Close up details on the body to draw focus on a few parts the black veins with small blood stained skin. Also added the bloody like elbows that show to me she has done some things for hours to make this ritual happen.
Close up on Witch head, Her tears run black and Her neck has a growth on it and is throbbing as The Witch conjures the almighty Beast,  

 From afar the clothing is sacred to her and has a life of it's own and will always protect any Witch.

01/05/16:  The ORIGINAL rough thumbnail and composition for WITCH RITUAL idea.


Few more last details to really make the Witch feel a little Putrid as the Ritual is reaching the peak in this scene and it is about to get very dangerous if you are within 5km of the area.

15/05/16 :

Adding the elements to give it depths and make the scene more animated, working on both the foreground and the background as I want people too be drawn to Her eyes then the spell in her hand then the overall painting , then Her gross details. As looking at any art to me should be some what of a cool journey.

Final screen shot:

By Mr Leon Taylor

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