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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

2029 - Church of Skulls


This is a concept and idea I have been working on for a few years and this will be where I will share stories and updates on my development with the personal project. Here is the first image of my idea turned in to a graphic novel style. Below we can see a naked female and she is strong and in control, she fears nothing and nothing will stop her from her mission. The man you can see is a pleb and at the will of the female as are all males in 2029 - Church of Skulls. Why? What is in the females sack? who is in the Cabin? Why is the female naked? Where are we?

Church of Skulls has character motives and story that is messed up with a shocking twist.
This has been a fun project to work on over the years and can not wait to work on the first pages over the next 24 months.

original Pencil Drawing "Female"
Original Pencil Drawing "Background"

Original Pencil Drawing "Background"

Screen Shots of basic colour and lighting (WIP) 

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