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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Painting and Mr Leon Taylor - 2016

Painting in the flesh has always had a really amazing feeling in person and a feeling that no photo or scanner will ever truly come across. It was my goal since December 2015 to pursue the medium and feel comfident using it. I have so far used reference to paint a forest, replicated some of my favourite album covers and even try break some rules to make something exciting and different.
1) A forest in question, what is at the end? Acrylic on stretch canvas.  FOR SALE. Email

2) Hogwarts "Dorm Paintings" Oil and Acrylic on canvas board  FOR SALE. Email

3) Large Mural - THE CIDER SHED - Warkworth - Home of Forbidden Cider Co. Acrylic.

close up on Apple tree half way through

4) Abstract / Textured painting - FAMILY GREEN STONE - 3 Acrylic and oil on paper mashay and pva covered canvas (set of 3) FOR SALE. Email

5) Texas Chainsaw Masacre 2 - Oil Painting on stretch canvas .  FOR SALE. Email

6) PIG DESTROYER - Terriyfier- Album replication Oil Painting on Canvas (SOLD)

7) CONVERGE - JANE DOE - Album cover replication (SOLD)

8) What Frame? This is a upcycled frame I painted this night scene to practise light with limited colours.

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