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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Auckland Art Gallery - Photo Study October 2016

Went to the Auckland Art Gallery earlier the week and met up with @bgrtworks and talked art and painting rooms using a stylus and iPad. Also the imperfections in great art that make it what it is.
I had taken a few photos on the day and painted my own reference at home on @photoshop and am happy with how my first photo study. This was extremely challenging and very rewarding 4 hour paint with one brush. Going to make sure I get more bouncing light next time I'm there or on a new location. It comes up so cool and oil like and really makes it feel real.#mrleontaylor #art #renaissance #frames #light #photoshop #photostudy#painting #upskill #paint #artgallery #classic #loveart #conceptualart#practice #fourhourstudy #paints #digitalpainting #digitalpaint #photoshop

Below - First 30 min screen shot - basic colour 

70 min mark main details / shapes
2 hour mark fix the perspective 
just over 3 hour mark - Final fun details 
Size for printing / sharing 
4 hour photo study 

DAREDEVIL - photo studies - digital paintings

Photo study number 1 of 3 :
I want this to have a slightly more painty feeling and still keep it in the same realism style. All painting has been completed in the same time frame to see progress. What a great exercise! One brush that I change the size of as I go.
This time after popular demand Frank Castle - Marvel's The Punisher was taken to the next level on Marvel's Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix and a perfect job by Jon Bernthal. I'm so pumped to see his first season as a stand alone show.

First fifteen minutes

90 min stage before the final shape and detail

Close up details and bouncing light

Daredevil - Season 2 was off the hook amazing, camera shots that melt my brain and lighting that is unquestionable and uncompromising. Marvel's Daredevil has changed the game and I could not be happier. #daredevil#daredevilseason2 #fanart #inspired Matt Murdock is a forever changing character and it's fantastic. #art #artist #mrleontaylor #mrleontaylorart#painting #digitalpainting #mattmurdoch #hellskitchen #smashes #badass#upskill #onebrush

90 min stage before the final shape and detail

 2.5 hours close up. Work in progress shot of Daredevil digital painting. Loving an approach I picked up using one brush to speed paint and not add textured brushes

WILSON FISK - Vincent D'Onofrio has taken badass to a new level in theNetflix / Marvel's Daredevil series. Every time he comes on screen he has a presence. Watched two seasons over the last month and it's incredible. I did this photo study today studying light and realism with a renaissance feel. Had a blast and will be doing a few more with this fast approach.#draw #painting #paint #digital #painting #digital #wilsonfisk #daredevil#realism #practise #upskill #vincentdonofrio #badass #smashes#hellskitchen

First fifteen minutes